Idaho Falls

2420 E. 25th St.
Idaho Falls, ID 83404
Phone: (208) 542-1026
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Implementing the best science has to offer to treat and improve psychiatric symptoms, our providers are board certified and specifically trained to treat the full spectrum of mental health and addiction disorders.
We offer individual, group, and family counseling for all mental health and substance abuse issues utilizing the best in evidenced-based practice.
CBRS works on developing the necessary skills to improve daily function to help maintain a satisfactory quality of life.
Case management identifies immediate and long-term needs and then links individuals to resources that will treat or alleviate those needs.



Addiction Services
Parenting Program


We customize individual treatment plans for a successful recovery and reduce relapse rates.
Our staff is licensed and certified to evaluate and diagnose mental health and addiction disorders.  For a full list of diagnostic assessments, please click here.
The Nurturing Parenting Program is tailored to help provide education and skills to improve parenting.
Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy is the latest technology to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of depression and other mood disorders.



Domestic Violence Treatment
Drug Testing
Suboxone Treatment
Play Therapy


Our domestic violence treatment includes individual, couples, and group therapies provided by staff who have received specific certification and training.
We use UAs.  For a full list of drug tests, please click here.
Coming soon.
Our play therapists practice Child-Centered Play Therapy that helps children express themselves through play and work through their issues.