Susan Jones

Date:Aug 13, 2012

Susan Jones is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been with Mental Wellness for the last four years. She received her Bachelor’s degree at Idaho State University then received her Master’s of Social Work from Walla Walla College. Since 1998 Susan has been working as a mental in the mental health field. She went to work for Innovative Health Care Inc. She worked first in the capacity of a clinician and then as a Clinical Supervisor working with children, families, adolescents, adults, and elderly with a variety of mental health issues and challenges to individual’s life cycle. Susan has extensive experience working with children and adolescent, parents and is skilled in art and play therapy. She also has years of experience working with adults with a variety of issues including depression and other mood disorders, anxiety disorders, low self-esteem, trauma recovery, grief. On a Personal Note: Susan holds a firm belief in the power people have to change their beliefs, their attitudes, and their behaviors. She sincerely values the opportunity she has in helping others make lasting changes that bring increased joy and happiness into their lives.