Substance Abuse Treatment

A Road to Recovery

Substance Abuse Treatment is the process of increasing an individual’s knowledge base and coping skills in order to achieve abstinence and attain an optimal level of independent functioning in the community. Substance Abuse Treatment encourages individuals to participate actively with others in order to achieve education and external support.  The goal of Substance Abuse Treatment services is to aid individuals in work, school, family, community, or other issues related to their addiction.

Medication Intervention
Case Management
Recovery Coaching


We provide individual, group, couples, and family counseling to help address the underlying cause of addiction and reduce the rippling effect that it causes.
We have trained medical professionals to assess and monitor the physiological symptoms that go along with the recovery process.
Sometimes an individual needs more support in the community.  Our case managers help link clients to other services to make sure each need is met.
Recovery coaches have been there, done that, and help guide people back to a better level of living.



Substance Abuse Treatment Options

Mental Wellness Centers is dedicated to supporting the recovery of families and individuals who experience co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders.  We offer a co-occurring enhanced program that does not discriminate on the basis of any mental illness in conjunction to substance use disorders.  We have integrated a curriculum through groups and individual counseling that offers treatment in all aspects of substance abuse and mental illness.  We currently screen everyone entering the substance abuse program for co-occurring disorders and place them in a level of care appropriate to their need.  The substance abuse program has staff qualified and devoted to offering services needed to all clients seeking help with a practice of addressing mental health and substance use disorders equally.

Substance Abuse Diagnostic Assessment and Treatment Planning

Our certified GAIN clinicians develop substance abuse treatment plans that are tailored to meet the personal needs of the individual.  The GAIN (Global Appraisal of Individual Needs) is a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment designed to diagnose and evaluate an individual’s substance abuse treatment needs and then plan and monitor treatment for that individual.  This thorough process ensures that everyone will receive the services they need for successful recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program offers daily contact throughout the week with groups and individual counseling, as well as education and resources on more programs offered in the community through case management and recovery coach support.  Our teams helps to build a support system that meets an individual’s micro and macro needs.  This program, like all our substance abuse treatment, is based on the individual’s needs and includes all services (see below) that are needed to meet the individual’s needs and increase success.  This service is currently available in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Driggs, and Arco.

Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling

Each office has counselors specifically trained in substance abuse and recovery.  Individual counseling works on identifying and addressing the core issue surrounding drug addiction.  Our staff is trained in a variety of therapeutic techniques, including Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and many more.  These individual counselors help develop the treatment plan and monitor treatment for success.

Couples and family counseling allows those who are significant to the individual to be a part of the treatment process.  Substance abuse can cause rifts in relationships one is closest to.  Couples and family counseling helps to mend rifts and rebuild relationships through communication and support.  This service is at the discretion of the individual and will be kept within the confines of confidence.

Group Therapy

Group therapy offers support and a place to relate with someone who is having similar experiences.  Group members offer unique perspectives and can help to come up with ideas for life’s challenges.  Group therapy also offers education and skills to help increase the odds of success.  Our substance abuse program offers three groups that are designed specifically around treating substance abuse and co-occurring issues : MRT, DBT, and CBI-SA.

MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) is broken down into 16 steps that help to decrease the chances of relapse by increasing moral reasoning.  This therapy is based on a cognitive-behavioral approach that helps individuals understand how one’s beliefs and attitudes affects one’s choices in life.  This group is offered once a week at each of the offices (except Rexburg) with Idaho Falls having an additional group that is focused on relationships.

DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) was designed to help build a life worth living through change and acceptance. DBT understands the paradox that when someone accepts life the way that it is, change is able to happen.  Utilizing skills that increase emotional regulation and interpersonal relationships, DBT helps to diminish the urge to use and the discomfort associated with abstinence.

CBI-SA (Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Substance Abuse) was designed to help those with the severest need.  CBI-SA teaches skills that increase one’s cognitive, social, emotional, and coping skill development.  This heavy emphasis on skill building has been correlated with high positive results.

Case Management

Case management services link clients with appropriate services to address specific needs and achieve stated goals.  This coordinated approach ensures the delivery of health, substance abuse, mental health, and/or social services.  Case management helps clients who have difficulty accessing services or who are unaware of services.  It can help link to services such as housing, transportation, employment, and additional substance abuses services.   Studies show that individuals who receive case management are more likely to stay in a program and be successful.  Throughout treatment, there will be changes in the type of services needed and case management helps to facilitate clients through those transitions.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Substance abuse can take a physical hold on the body, which will need medical intervention to help return to normal.  Our medical staff are trained professionals in helping break the physical causes of addiction.  Medication assisted treatment uses FDA-approved medication that eases the symptoms of withdrawal.  Currently, Mental Wellness Centers, Inc., we offer opioid treatment in our Idaho Falls and Pocatello offices.

Recovery Coach

Recovery coaches help addicts integrate back into the community safely and effectively.  They help to link to recovery services and build a recovery support network.  They help to remove obstacles and barriers in recovery.  They have been there, done that, and are much more than a sponsor.  They share their successes and failures in an effort to connect and help the individual.

Drug Testing

We offer a variety of testing that meet local government’s standard and most workplace’s requirements.  Drug testing is an effective strategy for recovery as it builds accountability.  Please visit our Drug Testing page for a list of drugs we test for and the methods we use.